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Evolving Journey, Turn Your Risks Into Results and Achieve Operational Agility Minimizing Risk Exposure

ZIRA Risk Reporting Performance Management (ZIRA R2PM) is an effective reporting solution that takes care of the Risk Management function, giving a valuable insight into the Revenue centric Risk and Performance indicators. ZIRA R2PM Suite is a modular product consisting of highly flexible Dashboards, KPIs, Reports, Graphs, Data Analytics, with user friendly configuration capabilities provided though the R2PM Application Factory – for a rich user interactive experience, visualizations, collaborations, search and analysis.

ZIRA R2PM Suite is designed for an intelligent and consolidated view of the risk and assurance based information across the organization and provide strong reporting source that end-users can explore, while also secure the equally consistent and timely answer to an operations analysts and business responsible in order to make the right business decision.

Serving the reporting of key business areas with main functionalities: Fraud Management, KPI’s, Performance Management to identify potential revenue gaps and analysis making the ZIRA R2PM product an ideal add-on on top of the existing systems, as well as an open and modular system that integrates with any other OSS/BSS data source, in house developed systems, based on relational, multidimensional or any other unstructured data stores. The solution architecture is built up of several layers, of which some are common and can be used and shared between other R2PM modules/components. RP2M modules can be easily integrated with ETL, Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, and other critical Risk Management systems. Key concept of the ZIRA R2PM architecture is the component reusability and modularity, throughout the whole solution architecture:

R2PM Studio

Web-based front-end module comprising of configuration layer (Application Factory) and presentation layer (Data Grids, Graphs, Reports, Dashboards and Data Analysis).

R2PM Processing

Flexible processing of Data Sources that collects, aggregates and prepares data for KPI calculation, trending, business performance and scorecard, supported by OLAP ad-hoc, multi-dimensional intelligent data analysis.

R2PM Control (jOctopus)

Is the process workflow management and process execution control – the controlling part of system, used to manage and monitor all engines and processes inside the system.

R2PM Generator ZIRA

R2PM Generator

R2PM generates many different reports and graphs that can be used by different roles in the organization (Management, Analysts, Administrators, Internal Auditors, Finance Department, Sales Teams, Dealers/Partners, etc.). Therefore it is possible to achieve highly personalized application view throughout all its layers as well as look-and-feel for the different users.

Dynamic components presented in R2PM Presentation can be changed and reconfigured by users without any intervention of the Vendor.

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For over 25 years, ZIRA has been a leading vendor of innovative BSS solutions for customer, revenue and risk management covering the full order to cash process for retail and wholesale billing.

Working with 50+ telecommunication operators across 30 countries, ZIRA implements integrated and flexible modular solutions to protect legacy investments, reduce the risk and cost of implementation and meet customers’ unique needs.

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