Maximize mobile roaming revenue while ensuring accuracy through automation


In today’s wholesale telecom business, changes are constant and put great pressure on operators to answer new challenges as quickly as possible to remain competitive. With the challenges that delivering new digital services bring, it’s essential that operators provide subscribers with the freedom to roam across the world. Expansion of roaming business increases the number of roaming partners and destinations for operators and requires efficient management of complex roaming agreements. This includes improved efficiency, quality, optimization and insight into roaming operations.

Recognizing the need for efficient roaming business management, ZIRA WBRM Roaming solution provides the ability for operators to capture new opportunities that maximize their revenue.
ZIRA WBRM platform provides full process automation to improve time to market, agility and flexibility for business operations. It supports unlimited types of wholesale models, covering both telecom and non-telecom services, and integrates with current systems and technologies.

ZIRA WBRM Roaming is a modular solution with full coverage to track and effectively manage roaming services and successfully expand roaming business, with the growing number of roaming partners.

WBRM Roaming Enablers

Partner Management

Precisely define roaming agreements, expand portfolio of services and generate additional revenue in order to increase competitive advantage.  Store all relevant documents regarding partners and keep record of all activities and communications.

TAP/ RAP Processing

Automatically process and validate TAP/RAP files according to the latest GSMA standards. Accuracy is provided through seamless RAP files creation and processing from home and roaming partners.

NRTRDE / HUR Enablement

Efficiently use HUR or NRTRDE processing for disclosure of potential fraudsters and prevent their actions in the future.

IOT Management

Gain control of complex IOT calculations that include rating, caps, volume discount and commitments.

Traffic Analytics

Get full visibility of the entire process to make informed decisions  and forecast for maximizing revenues. The analysisi supports graphical presentation of data in diferent graph formats and Geographical heat maps.

Clearing House Data Verification

Efficiently automating verification of clearing house data before entering into financial transactions.

Roaming Financial Settlement

Reduce clearing house costs or remove them completely. Invoice integration with automated payment system allows for growth of revenue and eliminates hidden revenue loss.

Clearing House Financial Management

Control financial transaction with clearing house in an organized automated way, preventing errors in payments and accurately register data to GL.

Key Benefits

Roaming Agreements Management

Increase revenue by efficiently managing roaming agreements

Quick Time to Market

Accelerate time–to–market with the flexibility to streamline roaming processes

GSMA Support

Support all GSMA requirements in TAP/RAP and NRTRDE /HUR processes

Discount Strategy Optimization

Implement optimal strategies for discounts

Process Control & Ops view

Gain a control of entire Roaming process and  a common view into roaming operations for all internal teams

Flexible Reporting

Get relevant insights using customizable report tool

Forecast Customer Behavior

Identify new revenue opportunities by supporting customer behavior forecasting

Roaming Fraud Protection

Gain fast and reliable exchange to respond to roaming fraud

Zero Humans errors

Process automation to decrease human errors

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