Revenue Management

Revenue Management ZIRA

Revenue Management Suite

ZIRA WBRM unifies the entire revenue chain & automate with a tailored
wholesale suite.

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Settlement ZIRA


ZIRA WBRM Settlement is state of art solution that settles whatever you throw in.

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Trading and Routing ZIRA

Trading & Routing

ZIRA WBRM Trading & Routing raise your business performance with interconnect trading and routing.

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Roaming ZIRA


ZIRA Roaming is a modular solution with full coverage to track and effectively manage roaming services and successfully expand business, with the growing number of roaming partners, ensuring accuracy with automation.

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Convergent Billing ZIRA

ZIRA Convergent Billing

ZIRA Convergent Billing is an end-to-end, fully scalable and modular solution addressing entirely CSPs needs for high-performance Billing solution that can successfully
respond to new market challenges.

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Convergent Billing ZIRA

ZIRA Netting Management

Increasing number of risky or slow payers wholesale carriers, products diversification and high potential of slowly collected or unbilled traffic, create necessity for more complex and time consuming definition of acceptable risk.

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Revenue Management Line of Business

Revenue Management Line of Business (LoB) incorporates Wholesale and Retail domains and covers Interconnect Billing, Settlement, Roaming and Retail Billing. All solutions represents standalone state-of-art, fully modular and future-ready solutions to easy meet the demands of the ever-changing market challenges. Revenue Management is designed to fully understand of all CSP’s challenges, issues and concerns connected to transformation imperative and alignment to ever-changing market needs. As final result, besides innovative concepts and on-the-edge technology stack, ZIRA solutions are based on market proven solution flexibility, modularity and effective short delivery time, enabling ZIRA to secure the trustworthy relationship and the long-term cooperation with its customers.

As a single and fully modular platform that enables ZIRA to meets all customers’ requirements, without any overheads, it offers a number of functionalities and “common” modules that can be reused in fully integrated manner and that guarantees a smoothly expansion of Revenue Management functionalities through the time.

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About Us

For over 25 years, ZIRA has been a leading vendor of innovative BSS solutions for customer, revenue and risk management covering the full order to cash process for retail and wholesale billing.

Working with 50+ telecommunication operators across 30 countries, ZIRA implements integrated and flexible modular solutions to protect legacy investments, reduce the risk and cost of implementation and meet customers’ unique needs.

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