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Enhance the customer experience across all channels

The telecommunications industry continues to move forward and innovate with global digitization, clearly focused on the multiple points of interaction between communication service providers and their customers. With the evolution of customer needs driven by market changes, the ability to enable a seamless cross-service experience and enhance customer satisfaction, have a deep understanding and being able to predict customer behaviour, are key challenges to increase revenue while reducing customer CHURN rate. Being able to manage today’s digital ecosystem in an agile way is essential.

ZIRA Omnichannel is a fully featured software and service solution that automates and manages the entire process from the first customer interaction to BSS/OSS systems and follows customer behaviour across the entire lifecycle. It enables customer-centricity and processes re-alignment to enhance customer loyalty. ZIRA Omnichannel is a next generation solution that allows communication service providers to provide personalization for their customers and fully understand behaviour: favourite channels, devices or services and via what channel are used, the type of interaction preferred by customers.

ZIRA Omnichannel allows for easy introduction of new service offerings to end-customers and supports sales and order handling with a simplified and consolidated process. It is a fully-featured solution for a complete and advanced customer management systems. The ordering process is validated through multiple business rules and is supported by a shared product catalogue view. The solution controls both inbound and outbound commutation enriched with a smart queue to monitor all customer actions across all sales channels. This allows for a one-stop shop implementation with a single view of customers, orders and inventory across all channels.

Key Enablers

Customer identity. Understand who the customer is across all channels and their accounts.

Consolidated Information. Have a single data source to ensure data consistency across channels.

Ability to propose optimal solution for a customer. Profile customers and understand their preferences and behaviour to provide personalization of services.

Execution capability. Automate ordering process and execution through all sales channels.

Engage the customer, regardless of the channel and stage in interaction. Optimize content for the context in which the customer is consuming it, including channel and device.

Product offer rollout across all channels. Have product catalog data consistency and easy rollout across all channels.

Key Features

A 360° view of customers across all channel interactions.

A central place for all existing sales channels.

Seamless alignment between sales channels and order processing and easy expansion of new channels.

Enablement of channel hopping while retaining content across channels.

Improved creation of a clear product offering portfolio to enable specific customer’s needs and personalization.

Ability to provide new and existing services via any available sales channel.

Streamlined order operations by processing, controlling, and routing orders from any touch point with order orchestration and management.

Real-time end-to-end monitoring of customer order processing for better insight into solving customer complaints, service use, etc.

Connects with all existing systems without the need for updates, upgrades or replacement to scale quickly and add more power with less effort.

Key Benefits

Seamless Customer Experience

Enable a seamless customer experience while meeting customer expectations across all channels.

Customer Full & Personalized View

Get a consistent and personalized view of customer interactions across all channels including customers preferred interaction analysis.

Engage & Retain

Maximize every engagement opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, sales, retention and loyalty.

Improved Customer Journey

Use accurate and actionable business intelligence to continuously improve the customer journey across channels.

Legacy Protection & Cross-channel rollout

Minimize disruption to legacy back-end systems while reducing time to market to roll out new capabilities and offers across multiple channels.

Rollout New Offers within Hours

Increase operational efficiency and decrease time-to-market by delivering new offers within hours rather than weeks and being able to implement changes quickly while keeping IT staff focused on strategic tasks.

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