February 2017

Simplify and Streamline Product Lifecycle Management

Gain Agility to Compete in a Digital World
By Lejla Pljevljak-Rasidagic, VP Product Management, ZIRA

With customers looking for more variety of digital services and content in our connected world, CSPs must make improvements to their infrastructure to add new online services and channels. It’s imperative they get to market quickly with these new services to stay relevant in a very competitive marketplace, among the many new players and with increasing threats from OTT service providers. READ MORE

May 2016

3 Keys to Effective Product Catalog Publishing

Consistent and Controlled Publishing Accelerates Business Operations
By Lejla Pljevljak-Rasidagic, VP Product Management, ZIRA

With the increasing amount of digital products and services available to customers, providing the opportunity to purchase many through one communication service provider (CSP) makes things easier for customers to manage their accounts, billing, etc. From the service provider’s perspective this gives them an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with their customer and grow revenue over time. It also helps with customer churn, as customers will be less likely to leave than if they are just getting one service from a provider. READ MORE

March 2016

Connect the Dots of Wholesale Processes and Operations

Converge and unify to gain operational efficiency
By Alen Muslic, VP Product Management, ZIRA

As discussed in my last blog, transforming wholesale revenue management is key for telco operators to take advantage of the many great current market opportunities and be set for future growth. But taking a step back it’s also important to look at areas where wholesale departments are facing issues with current management and operational activities. One area that is often overlooked is the extensive amount of manual processes and inefficiencies that result in human mistakes, inability to have an end-to-end view of data and inability to get data quickly to make important decisions. This can mean lost revenue and not being able to capture new revenue. READ MORE

February 2016

The Wholesale Game is Changing, Are You Ready?

Transforming wholesale revenue management for now and the future
By Alen Muslic, VP Product Management, ZIRA

Our evolving connected world presents many great opportunities for consumers, enterprises and organizations. For telco operators this evolution presents enormous possibilities in providing the thread that connects the devices, services and beyond. But to survive and thrive in the new digital world, operators must make a huge transformation to solidify their place in the digital ecosystem among IoT and OTT service providers. This transformation from communication service providers to digital service providers needs to happen very quickly as others in the race have a head start. READ MORE

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