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Digital transformation continues to drive Communication Service Providers’ (CSPs) most critical strategic and operational decisions. Acceleration in the rate of technological change and advancement, together with customers becoming more demanding of complex and bundled services, has led CSPs to creating attractive packages of product offerings and changing how offers are presented to end users.

CSPs need to find ways to efficiently, effectively and consistently engage with customers to optimize their whole experience across online shops, retail stores, call centres, and social media – to capitalize on these other influences rather than lose out to them. The ability to reduce time to market has become “mission-critical” for any CSP.

To enable this seamless omnichannel experience, CSPs need a catalog that offers the freedom to construct and manage timely, complex and bundled product offerings according to business and market needs.

ZIRA Product Catalog (ZIRA PC) enables CSPs and marketing personnel to construct and manage a catalog of complex product offerings to quickly respond to new market challenges as service convergence, all-IP-transformation and be more creative and agile in rolling out new product offerings.

ZIRA Product Catalog Capabilities


ZIRA Product Catalog Differentiators

  • Fast & Easy Product Configuration – “The Lego Principle”

The flexibility of ZIRA Product Catalog allows users to easily and quickly configure product offers, relationships, rules and relevant information using “lego principle” configuration. ZIRA PC reduces the gap between Business and IT users by abstracting product catalog complexity from business view and enabling the reusability of product catalog components presented by building blocks.

This operational improvement helps bring, in a simplified way, new products into the market faster and updates the old ones, allowing CSPs to capture more revenue earlier and reduce the complexity of business processes.


  • Complete Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

ZIRA Product Catalog enables the management of entire product lifecycle, from the design, development, activation to retirement phase. This includes consistent and controlled propagation of relevant product data across all environments through embedded versioning control and release management capabilities.

Real-time visibility of product lifecycle and performance combines people, projects, workflows, technology and data into a strategic approach for developing and managing products and their lifecycles.

Providing CSPs greater control of product data, allows product development teams not only to accelerate their design change review cycle but also to facilitate the transfer of design information to development and production. These operational improvements also help bring new products into the market faster and allow CSPs to capture more revenue earlier.

  • Catalog Publishing

With constant technological changes to support their growing subscriber base, CSPs are often left with multiple product catalog systems that have interfaces not designed to communicate with one another. This creates data inconsistencies, a lot of duplication and overlap.

ZIRA Product Catalog is powered by a Catalog Publishing component that enables a consistent and controlled publishing process of product catalog data across all systems, and makes them available in sales channels and other dependant systems. The catalog publishing component enables inter catalog data integrity management whether the CSPs has federated or centralized product catalog architecture.

The Catalog Publishing component, using a powerful visual configurator and with full process control, ensures data consistency through the different product catalogs.

With the Catalog Publishing component, CSPs are getting a unique solution for accelerating business operations by automating the synchronization between different product catalogs and providing a consolidated view of all catalogs based on TM Forum’s SID model.

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