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Plug and Play Product Catalog Publishing Accelerates Launch of New Services

Today communication service providers (CSPs) are well aware of the increase in demand from their customers for digital services and array of complex products that, unlike ever before, have shorter lifetimes and multiple channel dependencies. Over the years with the constant technological changes to support their growing subscriber base, CSPs have put in place multiple product catalog systems, often from different vendors, to manage their products and service offerings.

CSPs must balance growth with a continuing focus on delighting customers to reduce churn and differentiating what they offer by their customer experience.

CSPs also need to find ways to efficiently, effectively and consistently engage with customers. Creating new product offerings and presenting these to customers’ needs to be seamless, consistent and efficient too, internally across the organization and externally across all the ways they communicate with customers. To do this they need flexible, agile systems and processes in place that bring this all together in a simplified and effective way to be able to meet the needs of today and enable growth in the future.

ZIRA Product Catalog Publishing, part of ZIRA Product Catalog, enables automatic propagation of product catalog data across all systems and catalogs in the landscape (for example, billing systems, IN, CRM, e-commerce, etc…) requiring product information, results in more efficient and effective operations and faster time to market for new services.


This innovative approach with plug n play catalog publishing component in the overall digital framework incorporates the multiple catalogs with a standard interface and allows for reusing existing product catalogs. It reduces cost and speed in implementation by adjusting the processes and workflow and only adding new tools where necessary.


It unlocks the potential of existing product catalogs with modularity, componentization and flexibility to gain the full benefit of the consistent information flow. With ZIRA’s approach, CSPs gain the ability to add, bundle and sell any combination of services and roll-out offerings across different systems and vendors seamlessly.


ZIRA’s Catalog Publishing enables a consistent and controlled publishing process of product catalog data across all systems, and makes them available in sales channels and other dependent systems.
The catalog publishing facilitates inter catalog data integrity management with a powerful visual configurator and full process control ensures data consistency through the different product catalogs. With the ZIRA Catalog Publishing, CSPs get a unique solution for accelerating business operations by automating the synchronization between different product catalogs and a consolidated view of all catalogs based on TM Forum’s SID model.

This also provides a common language between IT and business and for both internal and external partners. With this automatic data propagation and synchronization among all relevant systems – order fallout, revenue leakage, or wrong product configuration and bad customer experience are greatly reduced.


Key Benefits
  • Consistent and Controlled Harmonization of Product Data across multiple systems
  • Plug and Play Product Catalog Publishing to Accelerate Launch of New Services
  • Effective Alternative to Converging Product Catalogs
  • Enabling Common Language between IT and Business users and for both internal and external partners
  • Reduction of Revenue Leakages and order fallout, enabling more multi-play product offerings better customer experience
  • Significant Reduction of System Maintenance and IT costs in Integration and Data Reconciliation

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