N2B Risk Management


N2B Revenue Assurance


ZIRA Revenue Assurance encompasses every step in the revenue process, from revenue leakage through revenue acknowledgement in the financial account; it handles people, processes, and technology in a balanced way assuring maximum revenues with minimum costs.


ZIRA Revenue Assurance is a framework combining improvements of data quality & business processes with automated tools for data reconciliation, data checking and benchmarking that targets complete revenue lifecycle: from new product development to sales, provisioning of services, service usage rating, invoicing and collecting the cash or voucher recharging.


ZIRA N2B RA is a complete solution, insensitive to any technology and capable to cover all services within telecommunication industry such wire-line, wireless, data networks, IP based services, cable TV, etc.


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Key Features
  • Revenue control, protection and monitoring based on advanced integrity checking, flexible matching, reconciliation and quality assurance techniques and methods
  • End-to-end approach and analysis across systems, network and processes for comprehensive Revenue Leakage Detection and Recovery
  • Single point of solution control and configuration for user-oriented deployment, with no vendor dependency
  • Multidimensional Data Analysis for effective data comparison, relationships disclosure, trend analysis, and drill down to the raw data level
  • Automated key controls to build and maintain effective cost-controls throughout the revenue lifecycle

N2B Revenue Assurance is combined of multiple independent and fully customizable modules to accomplish all requirements in Revenue Assurance for telecommunication industry.


Modular & Scalable: N2B Revenue Assurance is an agile, easy manageable, flexible, modular system that can be seamlessly implemented as a total solution or component-wise and integrated easily into any BSS/OSS landscape.

Intuitive & Independent: N2B Revenue Assurance Architecture includes designing tools enabling customers to configure and customize it, totally independent without any need for external support.

Simple but Detailed: N2B Revenue Assurance offers a bird eye view, transforming data into useful information and delivering them in accordance to operator’s internal structure. N2B Revenue Assurance is not a leakage preview tool but it shows the root causes enabling operators to have the full picture of their environment, from switch to billing.

Revenue Assurance Packages

  • Usage Assurance
  • Subscription Assurance
  • Roaming Assurance
  • Interconnect Assurance
  • Rating Assurance
  • Billing Assurance
  • Network Assurance
  • Mediation Assurance
  • Content Provider Assurance
  • Service Provider Assurance
  • Dealer Assurance
  • Wholesale/MVNO Assurance

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