N2B Risk Management


SIM-BOX Detection


ZIRA N2B SIM BOX Detection is part of N2B framework and is offered either as a stand-alone product that perfectly integrates with any existing fraud management solution or is embedded within ZIRA N2B Fraud Management.

ZIRA approach to SIM-BOX mitigation is based on advanced techniques and cross-network measures in order to understand subscribers’ behaviour combined with traffic data, and successfully identify SIM-BOX activities. ZIRA N2B SIM BOXcontinuously monitor usage data and provides in-depth reports for further analysis, ensuring that only real SIM Boxes IMSI are bar from the network.

Constant traffic monitoring additionally guarantees that fraudulent subscribers are easily recognized within the network and their SIM BOX attempts successfully blocked. ZIRA, through its trustful partner, can also offer Active CLI Testing Service with generation of voice-calls traffic to Customer’s network from a large number of networks (fixed, mobile, calling cards, carrier select, carrier pre-select, VoIP operators), and analyzes these calls to detect fraudulent SIM Boxes in their path.

  • Increases revenue from termination tariffs by minimizing SIM box fraud.
  • Saves money through a fast, non-invasive, cost-effective implementation.
  • Leverages extensive network reach and experience in fraud management.
  • Maximize the system’s ability to detect and eliminate SIM BOX fraud.
Key Features
  • Detect suspected By-Pass calling numbers applying multiple algorithms and approaches
  • Fine tuned approach combining short-term Active Testing Service with long-term Usage Data Analysis in order to achieve cost effectiveness and long-term protection
  • Detect suspicious on-net call patterns (outgoing calls only, no SMS, no MMS, no incoming calls) with Cell identification and analysis
  • Intuitive investigation via a comprehensive Alarm – Event – Case environment
  • Automatic correlation between reports generated by external Active Testing Service and local on-net/off-net calls generated by SIM box
  • Powerful data slicing tailored to your Customer types and Service offerings
  • Built-in statistical functions for detecting SIM boxes
  • Tools to define and test SIM box profiles

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