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N2B Fraud Management


N2B Fraud Management has wide variety of unique, state-of-the-art fraud detection and prevention technologies that new subscriber evaluation; best in class network traffic and usage online monitoring, is deliberately developed for easy use and comprehensive coverage, helping operator to timely detect and prevent of fraud events. N2B FM uses intelligent and unique detection technology while monitoring multiple data feeds to allow diversified fraud types protection including geo-mapping and linking occurrence analysis .

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ZIRA FMS Advantages:

Flexible Data Acquisition
  • Dynamic, Visual, Drag & Drop flow through configuration
  • Processing  of different data types and formats
  • Multiprotocol support
  • Raw data validation, normalization and enrichment
  • Retail / Interconnect rater as add-on component
  • High performance lookup component with different matching algorithm
  • Data Aggregation per run or period
  • Pre-defined sets of rule/format templates
  • Test run with live data preview

Intelligent Alarm Generation
N2B’s intelligent alarm generation upon rule based events detection supports assignment for either automate or manual actions. Key Features:

  • User/analysis defined views
  • Configurable severity
  • Click-based drill-down to events and raw CDR (root-cause analysis)
  • Configurable Alarm actions
  • Automatic and manual event assigning to Case/User
  • Alarm tracking & Event history

Predefined Reports

N2B FM provides large number of predefined system’s and fraud control related reports whether used for informative, ad-hoc or in-depth drill-down supported analysis, such as: Operator Actions, Data Acquisition Reports, Suspension Reports, Actions based on jO agent, Active filter report, jO Processing statistics, Alarm efficiency statistics, Credit limit control, Currently deactivated, Currently suspended, Deactivation, Event statistics, Exceeded credit limit, Fraud bad debt, Fraud cases for current day, Friends statistics, Generated events, Heavy user (friend numbers), Load statistics, Period statistics, Solved events and cases, Status report, Suspension statistics, Team statistics …

Efficient Action Management

ZIRA N2B FM flexible and fully user-configurable Action Management supports Manual Actions – executed by Fraud Analysts and System users and Automatic Actions – executed automatically by N2B FM system. Supported actions examples are barring of different subscription services, subscriber suspension, reactivation including sending relevant notifications (email or SMS).

Link Analysis
Link Analysis facilitates Social Network Data Analysis principles of quantitative or qualitative analysis considering call details, consumers and network data for establishing connections and relationships between people and events. The tool simplifies fraud investigation and provides CSPs with real-time insight to data patterns related to organized crime ring activities. N2B RM uses diversified traffic and customer related attributes as well as different relationship types for modelling multi-relational telecommunication social network. This model is constructed considering the multiple relations as frequency of call, volume of call duration, address, name etc.  

Key Features:

  • Simplified fraud investigation
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of CDRs, customers and network data
  • Modelling of multi-relational telecommunication social network
  • Establishing relationships between people and events
  • Detecting of data patterns related to organized crime activities
  • Link Analysis preview – follow suspicious subscribers on Web, Google Map, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,…

Advanced Scoring
N2B FMS use different algorithms (Random Forest, RMR) in order to calculate different scores (fraud detection related as well as customer/partner related)

Key Features:

  • Grading customer’s behaviour:  normal to extremely risky
  • Grading risk of certain application items as events, rules, and etc.
  • Two dimensional behaviour scoring: IRG & ARG
  • IRG: Fraudulent risk per subscriber (personal behaviour)
  • ARG: Fraudulent risk per subscriber (payment behaviour)
  • FARG: average total IRG & ARG for overall scoring
  • Rule Accuracy monitoring – based on Case resolution outcomes
  • All scores in system have range from 0 to 9, where 0 represents none of risk and 9 the highest risk

Key Benefits:

  • Using Calculated Risk Scores in post-detection in order to reduce false positives
  • Predict  problematic payment behaviour of subscriber
  • According to score, you can determine whether is subscriber creditworthy or not
  • Special scoring methodology for new subscribers
  • There is no subscriber who cannot be measured in N2B FM

Easy Detection Rule Configuration
Detection process in ZIRA  N2B FM is based on analysis of xDRs, subscribers and network data.  Detection Rule(s) definition can be related to certain (pre)configured Customer Profile for particular services or related to custom tailored specifics. Additionally, ZIRA N2B FM provides Statistical Thresholds Definition upon an average usage for particular period of time. Key Features:

  • Detection Rule Classification
  • Up to 5 identifications (entity) for cross-conditional controls
  • Logical statements support
  • Post-detection analysis for false positive reducing
  • Dynamic, Visual, Drag & Drop flow-through configuration
  • SQL using enabled in post-detection analysis for advanced user

Smart Case Management
Developed as a tool for monitoring and investigation, Intelligent Case Management provides grouping of related alarms upon category or attributes assigned, distinguishing newly generated alarms and automatically merge into corresponding case (or correlated existing cases). The Case Process workflow can be customized easily adopting the business processes and SLAs of the organization. Key Features:

  • Search and sort cases on the fly
  • Filtering based on single/multiple conditions
  • Case assigning and change case responsibility
  • Case lifecycle tracking
  • Event or group of events  referencing
  • Manual and automated actions
    • automatic reminders on cases
    • notification through SMS or Email
  • Full credential granularity (Team, member, supervisor etc.)
  • Case responsible monitoring & automate reporting
  • Reporting, data export, printing
  • Archive cases

Adaptive Fraud Detection

Based on intelligent techniques and self-learning rules, allows the system to deal with the constantly changing nature of fraud attacks.


Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling method designed and facilitated to automatically discover deviations from standard (configurable attribute definition) behaviour at individual level also supporting adaptive fraud detection.


Fingerprinting method is based on fraudulent user behaviour analysis (upon configurable “learning period”). ZIRA N2B FM Fingerprinting method tries to identify fraud through identification of excessive Subscriber behaviour stored in Fraud User Patterns.

Comprehensive List Management
N2B FM different lists definitions supports manual and automate actions including post-detection rule definition. Hot List is used for ad-hoc evaluation and monitoring of potential fraud defined upon  A numbers, B numbers, IMSI,  or IMEI lists including suspicious geographic cell(s). Exception List is used to simplify often needed complexity of detection rule’s attributes, it is possible to define exclusions of certain or specific identifications and characteristics in detection process. Candidate List is applied over limited number of identifications to be included for specific rule detection. Grey List is a list of identifications with events generated in N2B FM Black List, a list that contains identifications already marked fraudsters. For all events related to identifications in Black List immediate alarm(s) and corresponding (automate) actions shall take place.

ZIRA FMS Fraud types:

ZIRA FMS detects the following fraud types in the telco domain through all network and services:

  • Call Sell Fraud (VOIP, Illegal gateway, SIMBOX)
  • Flat rate abuse
  • Cloning Fraud
  • Subscription Based Fraud
  • Premium Rate Services Fraud (including IRSF)
  • Account Refill related Fraud
  • Dealer fraud
  • Internal Fraud 
  • PBX Fraud
  • CPE & Clip-On Fraud
  • Roaming Fraud
  • M-commerce Fraud

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