N2B Risk Management


N2B Risk Management

N2B Risk Management, is deliberately designed to help Operators regain deep insight and complete control through the entire revenue value chain, comprising the RA and FM controls, business processes, platform technology, and directly addressing Operators strategy objectives. ZIRA Risk Management is an end-to-end solution for cross horizontal/vertical monitoring and in-depth, multi-dimensional analysis of the entire revenue stream processes. It addresses the problems and causes through analysis of a particular area or a single pair of the NEs within a revenue stream. ZIRA Risk Management Solution is an integrated fraud, revenue and margin assurance solution designed to effectively addresses the following objectives:

  • Process Consistency and Data Accuracy
  • E2E flow(s) automation and stability
  • Performance supremacy and seamless scalability (functional and processing wise)
  • Usage simplicity and maximized visualization
  • User E2E deployment configurability

N2B Risk Management can be deployed as either stand-alone Fraud Management or Revenue Assurance. The stand-alone deployment transition (RA or FM to Risk Management) is subject to seamless expansion or upgrade with no downtime of an on-going deployment (RA or FM), i.e. number of functionalities (whether RA or FM) through the specific modules shall be uploaded/added to the stand-alone deployment and “common modules” shall be reused in fully integrated manner.

N2B Risk Management Product Features

Configurable Source Data Handling
N2B’s data source handling supports multiple raw data files (ASN 1, Binary, Fixed, Delimiter, ASCI etc,) for source data acquisitions, conversion and control with drag-and-drop, visualized Builders, enabled to define or tune cross-conditional data acquisition rules and controls i.e. no costly or time-consuming development of adapters or similar needed.

Process & Workflow Manager
Process workflow manager (jOctopus) is responsible for automated process execution and control. jOctopus is used for full automation, schedululing and/or condition based process flow(s) creation, editing, control and execution, whether internal N2B tasks or surrounding legacy systems tasks are in matter, also supporting rollback configuration.

N2B Unified Platform Shared Modules

N2B unified platform shared modules are: Data Acquisition & Controls Builder, Rating, Billing, Alarm & Case Management, Data Analysis, KPI Management, Reporting & Dashboard including Process Management (jOctopus) , whether N2B is deployed as Fraud; Revenue and Business Assurance; or as an integrated Risk Management solution. Unified N2B platform and its Shared Modules secures the data acquisition & processing consistency, processed data reusability and result data integrity through all N2B processes, tasks and flows, i.e. All-in-One solution.

Total solution supporting phased implementation

Due to N2B’s modularity and E2E configuration reusing shared components such as Application Factory, jOctopus, Teclo-Centric ETL etc…, N2B RM is fully enabled for fast ROI recognition through the phased implementation and deployments.

Application Factory - Dynamic Menus and Views

(Application Factory), for personalized N2B views, working area, and deployment that are role and/or credential-based

“Tuning Stage” Modeller - Click2Go CF
Dynamic, tuning rules modeller (Click2Go Configuration Factory) through their stages, enables test run with live (raw data) data preview or rules for raw data validation, duplicated records checks, data set normalization, and enrichment with high performance lookup and aggregation support.

Genuine Rating and Billing
Genuine Rating and Billing with support for unlimited tariffs and charges definition for comprehensive, in-depth legacy billing(s) control and verification, enabled for parallel run of real-time rating and post-paid billing.

From the deployment perspective it can be implemented as a set of tools for configuration from scratch, or with several pre-defined Packages focused on specific business issue. The best option is to start with pre-defined Packages and continue with Configuration Tools for further rules tuning and addition of new ones.

Key Product Benefits
  • Revenue control, monitoring, and revenue protection
  • End to End business process monitoring – business continuity in all phases
  • Parallel Billing and Rating – legacy verification included
  • Industry aligned Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management
  • 100% web-based solution
  • N-Tier component-based architecture
  • Rule based revenue leakage detection
  • Unique in industry fraud methods combining rule based and self-adaptive detection
  • Build your application on the fly with application factory
  • Telco-centric ETL focused on telecom specific data sources
  • Workflow driven full control of all processes executed in the system
  • Powerful analysis and reporting tools for risk management centric performance tracking

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