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ZIRA Wholesale Business Revenue Management (WBRM)

Unify the entire revenue chain and automate with a tailored wholesale suite

Our evolving connected world presents many great opportunities for consumers, enterprises and organizations. For communication service providers, the evolution to digital service provider presents many possibilities beyond just providing the thread – the access to the network – that connects the devices, services and beyond.

For the wholesale telco business, the changes are even more rapid as lines are quickly blurring with the global nature of the operations and the greater interconnection of services and complexity of relationships through simultaneously supplying customers, suppliers, competitors and partners. Developing a holistic wholesale approach for internal and external services requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses retail channels, B2B users, commercial applications, end-user pricing, service costs, network profitability and long-term network planning.

ZIRA WBRM is an all-in-one solution that fully addresses today’s market challenges for wholesale business. By covering the entire wholesale revenue chain, ZIRA WBRM provides full process automation that improves time to market, agility and flexibility for business operations. It supports unlimited types of wholesale models, covering both telecom and non-telecom services, and integrates with current systems and technologies.

Solution modularity, pre-integration and flexibility, enable ZIRA WBRM to be deployed for the entire wholesale business or by module for priority-based deployment. This allows for cost control and seamless solution’s expansion and evolution with a phased-implementation approach.

ZIRA Wholesale

ZIRA WBRM provides four stand-alone and independently deployable modules: Business Management, Billing, Settlement and Roaming. Upfront cost can be minimized with deployment based on the priority of features required. As a single integrated platform, a full-scope deployment can be achieved by upgrading according to road-mapped objectives.

ZIRA WBRM provides an enhanced 360° analytical view that allows for full visibility and understanding of quality, operational and revenue-related results. As a recognized vendor of Risk Management software solution, ZIRA has enriched the solution with Wholesale Risk Controls.

ZIRA Wholesale

ZIRA WBRM includes end-to-end coverage for wholesale business with trading functionality for buying and selling, routing optimization and provisioning, rating and re-rating capabilities, billing and re-pricing functionality, roaming TAP/RAP processing, fraud prevention with NRTRDE/HUR, settlement, dispute management, agreement management and a full set of reporting capabilities.


Key Benefits:
  • A single solution covering all wholesale services to enable new revenue streams
  • A fully modular solution that supports deployment on top of legacy wholesale/interconnect rating & billing systems
  • Complete coverage of wholesale agreements, trading (buy/sell), routing, commitments, rates, discounts & quality management including provisioning to switch
  • Profitability insight for proactive decisions and cost-effective actions (buy/sell): Billing, settlement, finances and internal warehouse data
  • Confident launch (buy/sell) of innovative and new range of services with online target monitoring (Price vs. QoS) and automatic updates
  • Integrated OCR with unique Recognize-Transform-Match (RTM) lifecycle for incoming invoices in multiple formats – pdf, excel and images
  • End-to-end communication and document control – email and attached documents are sent and tracked directly from email
  • Enterprise-wide awareness of actual operational and financial results
  • Convergent multiparty settlement for both telco and non-telco services
  • Fast and flexible dispute process for cash flow continuity
  • Process automation to decrease human errors
  • Next generation analytics to support quick decision-making

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