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ZIRA WBRM Trading & Routing

Raise your business performance with interconnect trading and routing


Operators are aiming to establish more adjustable process so they can boost revenue by being competitive in this constantly changing market. In the wholesale telecom business international traffic is one of the major sources of revenue that requires precision, automated provision and full visibility of buy and sell process. The final goal for telecom operators is to be set on capability to create preferred options and leading opportunities to increase overall business performance.

ZIRA Trading & Routing solution is part of ZIRA Wholesale Business Revenue Management. Solution enables sales to increase revenue and closely monitor margins by providing accurate business information in real time while securing winning response to changing market conditions and latest trends. With configurable algorithms and simulations user have an ability to define personalized routing and trading strategies based on prices under negotiation and current traffic trends.

Advantages offered to a customer through ZIRA Trading & Routing solution are:

Innovative Origin (A-Number) Routing & Rating:

  • A Number Routing – enabling creation of different technical order depending on type of created commercial orders. A number Routing fully supports creation of “A number routing order” enabling that call for same destination will be routed differently based on combination of calling number (A number) and called number (B Number).
  • A Number Rating – A number (origin based) rating enables that each XDR is rated differently based on combination of A number and B number (origin – destination). This enables greater flexibility in creating rate plans that fit any customer.


Utilization of quality parameters for Rating, Routing and Performance monitoring:

  • Quality parameters can be used in rate calculations so that offered price for each destination represents blended rate calculated based on actual cost and actual quality of trunk(s) through which call is routed
  • Quality parameters can be used in routing calculations so that proposed routes are not strictly selected based on least cost (Least Cost Routing) instead routing calculations can propose routes based on costs and quality (Quality Cost Routing)
  • System is able to calculate quality parameters from CDRs and present this information to user through Heat Maps and data grids giving him information about quality for each destination, trunk & operator through which call is routed


ZIRA Trading covers all functionalities to successfully run wholesale trading business from perspective of buying and selling. From buying perspective solution covers end to end buying process starting from managing suppliers rate sheets, extracting info from rate sheets, comparing rate sheets with other received rate sheets and providing this information to rating/billing for correct rating including A number rating and different charging intervals. Solution also enables creation of negotiation sheet which will be used for negotiation with other operators based on available offers. From selling perspective solution covers process from analysis of available prices and routing setups to creation and distribution of sales sheets based on those analysis.


ZIRA Routing provides optimal carrier selection of preferred routes based on user-defined criteria (Routing Plan) for specific customer or destination. The system responds quickly to route changes creating profitable routing opportunities. Automatically off-load destinations based on a differential cost analysis to ensure overflow routing costs are minimized. Operators greatly benefit from optimal calculations of various sets of information like volume, commitments, refile rates, network performance and quality KPIs, route utilization including Carrier ‘s Billing/Financial behavior. Routing order could be prepared for different dates and scheduled for execution in the future.


Key Benefits:
  • Progressive Buy & Sell Management – supporting multiple business scenarios: A-number charging, CLI and Quality Indicators
  • Optimal routing – Holistic approach based on price, quality, commitments  and  preferred partners  for effective routing
  • Simplify Buying – By importing and validating buy sheets automatically from emails and comparing all available rate sheets from all customers
  • Controlled Sales – Sales sheet automation offers controlled configuration for handling sales and monitoring agreement performance.
  • Boost effectives & productivity – By enabling access to business information in near real-time
  • Increase Performance – Providing Trading Simulator for real-time & efficient negotiations, ensuring  profitable Agreements
  • Financial Optimization – Full awareness of trading & Routing revenue path, Advanced Alerting, Configurable Business Rules
  • Automation – Eliminates manual intervention and errors by automating the whole process supported with validations, from routing plan to switch provisioning
  • Proven ability to successfully integrate within any landscape and to positively respond to specific Customer requirement

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