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ZIRA Unified Order Management

Streamline order processing for greater customer satisfaction


ZIRA Unified Order Management (UOM) is an end-to-end integrated ordering system that automates the entire ordering process and provides a flexible and efficient concept of one-stop shopping. The growing number of orders and increase in offer complexity present challenges for modern management of ordering processes by CSPs. These new demands lead to additional manual work with operational delays and higher rates of order fallout.  The lack of visibility into processes to take corrective action quickly, decrease customer dissatisfaction and result in revenue leakages.


Order management is a major priority for OSS/BSS transformation with CSPs as they need to be able to deliver a wide range of services quickly and efficiently while dealing with constant changes and upgrades in the network. An automated solution that manages the service order lifecycle with dynamic order decomposition helps CSPs fulfil complex and bundled orders quickly and accurately.


ZIRA Unified Order Management (UOM) helps CSPs coordinate automated processes and manual work activities. The integrated system handles order structures from various channels with configurable workflows. Real-time order status is set through continuous updates to external systems. Successful order fulfilment enables efficient error handling and quickly recognizes when customer requests can be accomplished.

ZIRA UOM is an end-to-end integrated ordering system that automates and accelerates the ordering process providing customers flexible and efficient one-stop shopping. It offers capabilities for order data handling and supports sales process of any type of CSP service, from data/IP, wireline and mobile, to voice and messaging services.

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ZIRA UOM comprehensive next-generation order management solution modernizes business process and increases customer retention. It can be fully integrated with legacy systems and combines both simple services, as well as convergent services, with highly complex order handling processes in one platform.


By enabling the accelerated and cost-effective delivery of new services and by automating and optimizing order handling processes, ZIRA UOM allows CSPs to deal strategically with on-going changes in the product lifecycle. It provides stability for the ordering process from the moment it captures an order at the system entry level through all stages to fulfilment.


  • Controlled order entry based on product catalog data that supports any order type (bundle, cross up, promotion, etc.)
  • Simplified orders for complex downstream process execution
  • Dynamic validation and filtering rules at order entry
  • End-to-end order monitoring with complete transaction execution and rollback functionality
  • Full order lifecycle management
  • Document generation and archiving (contract, quote, work orders, etc.)
  • Order decomposition for provisionable components
  • Error and fallout prevention for successful order process
  • Efficient orchestration and management of ordering activities for both simple and complex (bundled) offerings
Key features
  • Product catalog driven order management
  • Efficient order processing to reduce operational time and cost
  • Exceptional customer satisfaction to increase revenue
  • Shorter time to market through improved sales visibility
  • End-to-end order monitoring to minimize delays and back-orders

Why ZIRA Unified Order Management


Catalog-driven approach to order management adopts industry standards and reduces costs in the end to end order process. Product catalog driven Order Management provides CSPs the ability to easily configure complex offerings and bundles across customers bringing products to market faster.


Shortened activation time to meet customers’ expectation with dynamic order decomposition. Orders can be decomposed automatically for operational efficiency. Each order is decomposed and interacts directly with multiple systems as required to fulfil the order.


Efficient order processing enables operational efficiency and lowers operating costs. The order execution times is shortened by automating the end-to-end order management process with the ability to orchestrate manual sub-processes. Quick integration into any environment speeds the delivery of existing and new services to customers, orchestrating order decomposition, routing, status tracking, business-rule validation, provisioning, activation and billing.


Improved sales visibility and business performance to rapidly monetize offerings with real-time actionable reporting. Operational metrics and KPIs managed through superior dashboard and reporting engine, help with continual improvement of operations, sales and associated costs. Advance reporting of automatic metering shows exactly how much usage and revenue are being generated by specific offerings.


Flexible configuration of complex offerings and bundles across customers bring products to market faster and reduces order fulfilment time and costs to seamlessly manage the order life cycle and order dependencies.



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