Customer Management




ZIRA CRM solution offers rich CRM functionalities and business processes, designed specifically to meet all your needs as a service provider. Our CRM can cut the call centre handling times, increase your customer satisfaction and improve your workflow efficiency. The basis is flexibility, easy to use and feature rich applications that are following all recommendations and best practice from TM FORUM, such as (eTOM, TAM, SID). Convergent platform for new applications integration is an easy and fast way to provide flexibility across the business.


CRM solution is designed to focus on Service Convergence and Next Generation Services. Convergence, in this context, is the removal of distinctions between different technology, protocol, topology, and platform, which breaks existing market limitations. It provides flexible and efficient concept of unified ordering and sales process and one-stop customer care, with the support of product catalogue and service orchestration manager.


ZIRA’s CRM is tightly integrated with BISA Convergent Billing, and offers fully featured customer management, with a real-time 360-degree view of your customer and service information. It offers single-point access to customer data, giving you greater insight into customer behaviour and flexibility to increase loyalty. ZIRA Customer Management allows you to configure your own business rules, workflows and screen layouts.


We provide a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the area of CRM that offers unlimited flexibility to meet changes in technology, applications, and business processes regardless of the underlying service technology or the communication channels opened to customers.

Key Features
  • Advanced Customer Management
  • Single View of Customer History Tracking
  • Consolidate segmented customer data into different business functions
  • Enable a common customer data structure to support enterprise insight sharing
  • Secure and fully support Customer Master for Billing with maximum usability
  • Leverage segmented customer characteristics to increase accuracy and timeliness of tailored service offerings
  • Increase customer satisfaction through real-time customer interaction
  • Next generation converged service enablement (IPTV, VOIP, Broadband, Contents, Messages, WIMAX, etc.)
  • Rule Based product and service management for faster and more flexible Time-to-Market
  • Growing pre-paid market with pre-paid & post-paid converged services
  • Increase ROI for marketing expenses such as Customer Retention Cost

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